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Color Broadband:  "We are LA"Los_angeles

I became a Color Broadband agent the hard way, after they kicked my ass in a competitive situation.  I was offering a Los Angeles customer a Covad 8.0 meg fixed wireless solution and next thing you know, Color Broadband was installing their service (and the customer was not returning my calls).

Like any good agent who looses a big deal I decided to find out what I was missing.  Two months later I was a Color Broadband agent and pretty happy about it.  In LA you almost don't need another carrier because Color Broadband really does do it all, fixed wireless, big data pipes, PRI & hosted VoIP.  There's really nothing your LA business customer could need that Color could not provide.  And, if your customer has locations outside LA, they have agreements that would allow them to pick up that business as well.


Color Broadband's biggest claim to fame is their "Land and Air" total dial tone & data redundancy solution .......

Click here to read the entire article and view a video of Fran McGrath, Color CEO, presenting an overview of Color Broadband

CPI Best Master for VARs?

CPI Communications out of Iowa has recently joined TA as our newest Master Agency vendor member.  In an effort to understand their "sweet spot" in the market I interviewed CPI President Cale Perry and CPI Sales Director Diana Tredrow.  I'm left with the distinct impression they want to be seen as the "Best Master Agent" for equipment VARs and systems integrators, a highly professional group with great customer prospects but who need exceptional care and attention.

Click here to listen to the interview now.  For more info about CPI or to see how well they can handle your sensitive deal or customer, contact them at

Five Star & Interstate Gas
Sell energy through a supplier, not another broker

Energy De-Regulation is hot.  Don't miss out on this profitable new business opportunity.  Learn how to make money in this exciting, unlimited industry.

Reselling electric and gas directly through the supplier means larger commissions for you, and larger discounts for your customers.  Win-win!

For more information about Five Star's gas and electric energy agent program, contact Roy Tanner @

Granite Does Canada
Multi-Location POTs Customers in Canada & No Problem for Granite!

About 18 months ago I tried to sell a simple point-to-point data circuit from the US to Canada.  No problem, right?  We're the two biggest trading partners in the world, right?  WRONG! 

This week Granite Telecom is announcing that they can do Canada:
     Granite has completed agreements with the major Canadian telecommunications companies and is now supporting consolidation of POTS lines for Canadian locations of US based clients. As in the US, Granite pricing is a discount off the tariff rate or commercially published rate of local services. Canadian LD calls, as well as calls from Canada to the US, will be billed at $0.049 per minute.
     Note that Canada has approximately 2 million business POTS lines. These agreements allow Granite and its Agent partners to bring more value to existing clients through further consolidation while providing an attractive addition to Granite’s value proposition for potential new users, creating new opportunity for Granite partners to increase their commissions.

Contact Charlie Pagliazzo, Director, Alternate Channels, Granite Telecom, with any questions regarding Canada consolidation with Granite Telecommunications.  [ 617-933-7317]

Last Week's News

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